The fun of going on a Jeep adventure

If you own a Jeep and have never been on a Jeep trek you are missing out! For those of us who have already experience the exhilaration of off-road adventure there is nothing we would rather do. A Jeep trek can be as sort as a few hours or as long as several days, it’s up to you! As a kid my family would have a summer tradition of camping at a lake a few towns over and as my dad fished my brothers and I would ride around on our 50cc dirt bikes. As a teenager I was introduced to my first Jeep and it was love at first site. The power, control and freedom it gave me was insurmountable. I had the Jeep for only about two weeks before I managed to get it stuck at a local mud hole and while I waited for a friend to get their truck to pull my Jeep out I had a sort of epiphany: what if I combined the thrill of four-wheeling with tradition of camping? From then on I have been going on Jeep adventures ever since.

My first Jeep trek was an overnighter in the Nevada desert. Just me, two buddies, our camping gear and my faithful dog Buck. We drove out from the main highway onto the desert and headed east. We navigated the rough terrain like experts thank in no small part to my faithful Jeep and eventually settled on a spot to set up camp. Over a meal of hotdogs, beans and beer my friends and I talked about how the Jeep had enhanced the camping experience to a measure they never thought existed. We had traveled about 80 miles into the desert and were in the middle of nowhere and as we laid down ready to sleep, listening the coyotes howl, we all were anxious for the new day to start so we could continue our Jeep adventure.

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