Taking your kids on a Jeep trek

Kids Jeep AdventureI was introduced to Jeep adventures as a child and now as an adult it’s my turn to introduce my kids to the adventure and thrill of off road adventure mixed with camping. I’ve been on my share of Jeep adventures with other adults but it is a whole other situation when you bring your kids. If you are not prepared properly you could very easily go crazy and turn a once fun trip into a nightmare. I’ve found that by ensuring that my wife and I bring the necessary supplies we can keep our children entertained, calm and happy for the entire trip.

For the time in the Jeep we have found that snacks play an important role. If your kid has something in their mouth it’s harder for them to complain. Obviously you don’t want to give your kids anything with sugar and we’ve found that crackers and carrots are the perfect finger food combination. By providing only water to drink you limit the amount of sugar plus your kid will only drink it when their thirsty, unlike sodas and artificial drinks which contain excessive amounts of sugars and actually will make the kid thirstier. In addition to the snacks we enjoy playing games like Eye-Spy, Who-Am-I and other fun verbal games. We also enjoy making up stories with the eager participation of our children. If you prefer you can always bring a portable DVD or gaming system to entertain your kids, we prefer the natural approach.

Once we reach the destination we make sure the kids’ tent is set up and fully stocked with their bedding essentials. Our children have a knack for finding stuff to do and keeping themselves entertained but you may want to bring some toys or board games to provide an outlet for your kids. We have always brought our kids’ bikes and they enjoy riding around wherever we stop and exploring on their own.

By ensure your kids are entertained and actively engaged in your trip you will be able to enjoy your Jeep camping trip at the highest level. I know my children have really taken to going on Jeep trips because if we don’t go for a month or so the kids come to me begging, ‘Daddy Daddy we want to go Jeep trekking!’ and I know it’s time for another fun filled family Jeep adventure.

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