Getting ready for your next Jeep adventure

Jeep AdventureGoing on a Jeep adventure? There are certain things that are important to remember to bring with you for your trip and depending on the nature of your trip some things are essential and others no so much. When planning for your Jeep adventure you need to remember that it pays to be prepared. There are several items that you will want to bring that you might not use but it is important to still bring them.

For a successful and fun time you need to ensure that your Jeep is up to the challenge. Before you set off visually inspect the vehicle for any signs of damage to the axels, shocks and frame. Inspect your oil and fluid levels and top-off any as needed. If your Jeep isn’t equipped with a fire extinguisher get one immediately. For extended overnight or camping adventures bring extra water for the radiator and gas in a reserve can. Ensure you can keep rolling with a spare tire, tire jack and shovel if you get stuck. Don’t forget to bring plenty of music to play.
Now that we have everything to make sure you can travel safely and comfortably it’s time to figure out what you and your fellow campers need for your Jeep adventure. You will need a sleeping bag, perhaps a tent, food and water. Everything else is just a creature comfort. I like to bring a portable propane stove, but firewood and a cast iron pan work just as well. You’ll probably want to bring some kitchen ware, utensils, plates, pans and the like. If you have any meats, cheeses or beverages you need to keep cool you’ll want to bring an ice chest. The one thing many people forget to bring is a basic medical kit. Accidents do happen and it’s important to be prepared for when they do. For under $10 you can get a medical kit from any camping outfitters store and be prepared for any minor injuries that might happen. The other thing many forget is a few garbage bags. It’s important to bring any trash you make back with you.
So your truck is ready, you’ve got everything you need and it’s time to get on the road for your Jeep adventure camping trip and you can’t wait. Soon you’ll be in the back-country navigating rocks and streams and you are excited as well you should be. Happy trails!

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